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oo3; [ so this is a meme, huh? >D; ]

Hogwarts Dance Fortune Teller by gottabegenki
Your most compatable date for the dance:
Secretly wants you naked:
Secretly is gay:
Will get drunk first:
Worst Dancer:
Will get pregnant:
Father of the child:
Quiz created with MemeGen!


'Ey, Horo, buddy~ maybe if worse comes to worse we can take each other to the dance. XDDDD

((ooc: eeeeh, I dunno if I'll be able to make it to the boys' sleepover chat after all - 10 PM PST = 1 AM EST = one hella tired Kalle. ;_;! Just pretend Dark and Allen are there, and do with them what you will. ^^;;

Also, tomorrow at dinnertime all the girls and Kanda will find a single white rose at their places on the table (assuming they have places, ha XD.) Each rose has a note attached inviting them to the ball if they don't have a date, and that they should send their note acceptance to Dark's dorm. Of course, it's not actually going to say that it was him that sent it. X3))
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