Dark Mousy (mahoukaitou) wrote,
Dark Mousy

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oo4; [ long time no see~ ]

To whoever left me the chocolate bar on my pillow this afternoon: Thanks muchly. ;D Sugary goodness AND the joy of pissing a Slyth off! what a DAY this has been! XD

Oh, and Horo, buddy, about that little bet we'd made - after pulling that little stunt I think I've found my woman. In fact... *waves notes of acceptance* I think I've found me five. >DD

So! You've got one last chance to snag a date - unless, of course, you've got proof that you managed to find yourself a nice little catch - otherwise... ohohoho! I'm still elaborating on that punishment, you know! A miniscule hint: It involves this dress. And the Bee Gees.

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