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oo8; [ smile like you mean it :D ]

man, I miss my Killers CD D:

To keep my mind off of pounding someone flat obsessing over our lack of house points, I decided that I'd show off my outfit for the ball this week. I'm sure the ladies will enjoy this little glimpse of me, as well? ;D

((ooc: if you want, you can ignore Risa there. XD;))

So~, how do you like it? Is it a bit more sane than Narutard's Naruto's *cough* ensemble? XD;

one word about the hat and you're in for it. >.>


...There's just something that doesn't seem to sit with me right about what happened. Okay, so it was a truth serum gag. Amusing in some circumstances, yes, but... something's sort of off. I can feel it.

On that same note (y'know, the creepy note), ...there's something about that Slytherin girl that I don't like. whassername... Helba something. Biggest fuckin' ice queen I ever saw. >.> The way she stares at me... I swear to god, it's almost like she knows something I don't.

Or maybe I do know it and I don't want to reveal it right yet.

... *shrug* ah, it's probably nothing.
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