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oo1; [ filtered from professors, prefects, and goody two-shoes ]

Cue the drumroll and the screaming fangirls, for I finally got off my lazy ass and signed myself up for one of these... livejournal... things! :D Whoo. The excitement, she kills me. :P

the one gripe I have is that this was the only username available... sheesh, 8 million people on this service and they had to give me the girliest-sounding handle, why I oughta -

Oh! Forgot to introduce myself for the uninformed. ;) The name's Dark, I'm the fifth year with the purple hair that's been hanging around. I've been here, been there - hell, there's no telling where I'll be next, it's a secret~~ *insert spirit fingers for emphasis.* XD Seriously, though, if you're ever in need of a real, high-quality prank, scheme, caper, what have you... I'm the guy to come to, I've seen 'em all and done 'em all twice. ;D

And ladies, if you're lucky (and single!), I may just send you a token of my affection~. ^_~

NOW! Off to breakfast, I better get there fast before With decided to morph on his own and snag all the good stuff from the buffet. XD
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