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Dark Mousy
11 November
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A B O U T;

name; Dark Mousy. Though, you can just call him Dark, he's not fond of his last name much. ;D
age; 15
date of birth; November 11th; is a Scorpio
house; Gryffindor
year; fifth
background; Dark was born with no memory of his real mother and father, but is believed to be a pureblood. He was taken in by the Niwas, a small wizarding family off the coast of a tiny little country, where he perfected the arts of magic... and mischief-making, and womanizing, and everything else you could possibly dream of! He's an okay student by Hogwarts standards, but he just can't resist causing a tiny spark of trouble - especially if it's of the romantic variety...
familiar; A rabbit-thing named With that will eat anything and everything - and occasionally shapeshift into Dark's form.
wand; Rowan, 14.5 inches, enchantment of phoenix feather.

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